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If you are struggling to establish and sustain effective integration between your major classes of industrial systems, we can help! Assetricity provides platform, supplier and product neutral methodologies for achieving sustainable integration of Engineering, Enterprise Business, Operations & Maintenance and Controls information and systems. Our consultants have an extensive knowledge of and help to lead key industry-focused solutions and standardization activities in order to provide interoperable, next generation solutions for end-users with the support of key industry suppliers.

Assetricity is deeply engaged in the Oil and Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot, which is establishing and proving a new industry solutions paradigm, based on Interoperability versus Integration. Leveraging a combination of standards and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions components, this new paradigm provides a pragmatic way to simultaneously reduce implementation cost and time, while increasing the quality of the resulting solutions. The Solutions Architecture incorporates both true Life-cycle Data Management and System of Systems Interoperability, resulting in solutions that are both more sustainable and more flexible, while enabling better data quality management. While the OGI Pilot was started largely in co-operation with the Oil and Gas industry, most of the standards and methods are also applicable to other key industry groups, aggregately composing Critical Infrastructure and owner/operators from many of those other industries are engaged. More information on the OGI Pilot is available on the MIMOSA website through an "opt in" registration protocol.

Assetricity is an active MIMOSA member. Assetricity senior staff have leadership and liaison positions in MIMOSA, ISO Technical Committees and various other national and international standards oriented organizations including the OpenO&M Initiative. We understand how to help your company achieve its business objectives by leveraging best practices including the optimum use of open standards. If you are interested in applying the standards and methods being developed and proven in the OGI Pilot to your own solutions environment, contact us today.