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Assetricity helps organizations in asset intensive industries, to achieve operational excellence by aligning their people, processes, systems and software associated with their engineering, automation, operations and maintenance functions. To accomplish these objectives, Assetricity provides products and services to help organizations adopt, configure, use and manage instances of the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE™), specifications for which are available at MIMOSA.


OIIE Administration Tools

In an OIIE instance, each application and supplier-specific platform or ecosystem will continue to have its own administration tools, but the OIIE is application, supplier and functional domain-neutral, with clear specifications governing the inter-application, supplier and functional domain interactions. These OIIE specifications enable a major breakthrough in standards-based interoperability, enabling existing Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and bespoke applications to be used in a supplier-neutral ecosystem, which can itself be administrated by COTS tools, built to enable the OIIE, without custom software development. To enable easy adoption of the OIIE, Assetricity provides a suite of Commercial Off The Shelf ecosystems administration tools, while relying on other OIIE participants to provide line of business applications to support the OIIE Use Cases. The Assetricity OIIE Administration Tools are direct implementations of the published, supplier-neutral MIMOSA and OpenO&M specifications.

  • Interop Register™ - an implementation of the MIMOSA Structured Digital Asset Interoperability Registry (SDAIR) specification and Common Collaborative Object Model (CCOM), which provides comprehensive Lifecycle Asset Information Management oriented Technical and Engineering Master Data Management for Plants, Facilities and Platforms.
  • SimpleISBM™ - a portable implementation of the OpenO&M ws-ISBM standard, which provides an open and standardized interface for message-based integration.
  • SimpleISBM™ Service Register - an implementation of the MIMOSA Service Directory standard, which enables easy-to-use "service of record" administration for ISBM implementations.
Assetricity's Domain, Supplier and Application-Neutral OIIE Administration Tools

OIIE Adoption Services

Assetricity also provides a full range of professional and technical services to help enable adoption of the OIIE in the most cost effective manner.

  • Implementation - Assetricity leverages Virtual Private Clouds and On-Premise Clouds based on industry leading technologies and in partnership with other participants in the OIIE.
  • Delivery Model and Licensing - Assetricity provides both Software as a Service and Traditional Licenses for its OIIE enabling software.
  • Why - The supplier-neutral OIIE enables solutions that are more Flexible, Secure, Scalable, Sustainable and Cost Effective than traditional systems integration methods, without the constraints of proprietary ecosystem oriented solutions.
  • When - Assetricity can help you deploy, configure, use and manage instances of the OIIE today.


Assetricity is an active MIMOSA member, and official information about the OIIE and the associated Oil and Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot is published on the MIMOSA website. Assetricity senior staff have leadership and liaison positions in MIMOSA, ISO Technical Committees and various other national and international standards organizations that develop the standards and specifications that collectively define the OIIE and are demonstrated in the OGI Pilot. We understand how to help your company achieve its business objectives by leveraging the OIIE. If you are interested in using the OIIE to help you’re your company achieve its business objectives in the most cost effective manner, contact us today.