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Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production groups, frequently operating in remote, hostile environments, face ever increasing challenges to integrate data from many systems to enable Operational Excellence along with Operational Risk Management. The industry developed the Integrated Operations (IO) paradigm in support of requirements identified from prior incidents. Assetricity, cross-industry experience has suggested that explicit added focus on Maintenance related practices and information management were needed in order to help support the overall goals of risk managed productivity. Assetricity thus developed its Integrated Operations and Maintenance for Oil and Gas (IOM-OG®) Consulting Practice to help focus on enabling this more integrative approach.

More recently, Assetricity has been deeply engaged in the formation and leadership of the Oil and Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot, which will enable a full life-cycle approach for both information management and System of Systems interoperability, with direct applicability to the entire range of assets in the Oil and Gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream). Assetricity has thus formed our OGI-Architecture (OGI-A™) Consulting Practice, while also developing enabling tools which are fully compliant with the open architecture of the OGI Pilot. The OGI-A Consulting Practice leverages the OGI Pilot and related standards, specifications and methods to provide a holistic and sustainable approach to Model, Monitor and Manage complex Systems of Systems with a focus on enabling Operational Excellence, incorporating Operational and Enterprise Risk Management. While the practices, specifications and tools are applicable to many industry sectors, this systemic approach is particularly important for assets which are operating in hostile, remote environments, such as Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.